NACS 2022

Welcome to the 44th Conference of Nordic Association for Clinical Sexology!

With NACS being a family of six member countries (Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden), it has been a custom that there is a different host every time we convene, thus meeting in Estonia every 6 years.

This time we gather again in Tartu – a city of students, a place where almost everything is related to its nearly 400-year-old University.

The topic for this conference will be ”Sexuality – pain and/or pleasure?” and thus opens a wide variety for topics and discussions, including those that will be presented by our distinguished keynote speakers – Silva Neves, Charmaine Borg, Dee Hartmann and Elizabeth Wood.

Welcome to Tartu! Welcome to NACS 2022!

Our preliminary list of speakers is out, it can be seen here:

Abstract submission is still open, all the information can be found on our conference website:

Annual General meeting, which will take place;

Friday the 30. September 2022 at 3. Pm
Vanemuise Theatre Concert Hall (Vanemuise Street 6, Tartu)

With following Agenda:

  1. Approving the invitation and the agenda
  2. Electing the chair, secretary and two tellers and inspectors for the Assembly
  3. Approving the minutes of the previous General Assembly
  4. Approving the last years accounts, financial statement and the annual repport
  5. Approving the annual Action Plan, the budget and membership fee for the upcoming year
  6. Decide on membership issues
  7. Board presents suggestion to new statutes
  8. Other matters

On behalf of NACS Board

Tonny Bønløkke Hertz NACS President